CB Catering & Events 


  • At Catering's Best, our goal is to eliminate the stress that is associated with planning your next special event. We work realistically within your budget and do not have any hidden fees or consultation charges. 

  • Our core staff has over 65 years of combined experience in the foodservice industry. 

  • We can staff your event with skilled professionals who are comfortable taking on multiple roles.  

  • We offer a two-level pricing structure for all our pre-set menu items. We can also plan and cost out your event based on your personal preferences and budget. 

  • We have wholesale pricing contracts with local food vendors enabling us to eliminate the mark up found when purchasing food from a retail store. 

  • We own all of our small wares, plate settings and transportation.





  • At Catering's Best, the success of your event is our most important priority. 

  • Our goal is to combine creativity, passion, and professionalism in everything we do. 

  • We specialize in making your vision a reality. 

  • We concentrate on serving our customer's needs.

  • The extent of the products and services that we can provide is limited only to your imagination.


2295 S Hiawassee Rd Orlando, FL 32835 Suite 105 A         cateringsbest@aol.com          Tel: (321) 229-5786

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